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Content & Objectives

Section 1: Basics

  • NDT
  • Sound versus Ultrasound
  • Distance, velocity, cycle, material density
  • Sine wave, frequency, wavelength
  • dB system
  • The shell of an ultrasound instrument, TOFD probes, TOFD wedges
  • Pulser/receiver, square pulse
  • Wave propagation, scattering, absorption, energy spreading
  • Beam, sound field, beam diameter
  • Through transmission, pulse echo, angle beam, immersion, PAUT
  • A-Scan
  • Structure and qualification of a procedure, training, acceptance criteria
  • Calibration blocks, couplant
  • Marking on part, probe positioning
  • Naming files, storing data
  • Section’s test
Interactive Exercices0
Section's Test1